Waterfall Private Tours in Cairns, Queensland, North Queensland, and Throughout Australia

Australia is a large continent that possesses many interesting landscapes and natural beauties. That being so, it is the perfect place for those who love to travel and adventure without having to bother with crowded cities and tourist traps. There are plenty of breathtaking lesser-known spots to enjoy that haven’t been explored by many others, if you know how to get to them. One of the best ways is through waterfall private tours in Cairns, Queensland, North Queensland, and Australia as a whole.

Discovery Tours Australia is the perfect tour service to get you to Australia’s secret spots. They offer small, exclusive 4WD tours that allow them to go off-road to provide you with a unique view of Australia. Located in Cairns, they are surrounded by beautiful, World Heritage rainforest on all sides, which includes two waterfalls, so they have easy access to many of Australia’s natural beauties. Their Half-Day Rainforest Waterfall Adventure is an ideal introduction to many of Australia’s natural beauties and unprecedented in waterfall private tours in Queensland, North Queensland, Cairns, and Australia.

Exclusive Half-Day Rainforest Waterfall WD40 Adventure

Discovery Tours Australia offers unmatched waterfall private tours in North Queensland, Cairns, Australia, and Queensland. Their Half-Day Rainforest Waterfall WD40 Adventure starts at just $125 per person per half day. Each tour is carried out in an intimate, small group setting, which allows their accredited naturalist tour guides to give you the utmost attention and provide you with a fun, informed, and unique tour. Your guide will take you around on late model, fully-air conditioned WD40s, so you get the ultimate comfort while still allowing your guide to take you off-road so you can see some of Australia’s most private spots.

The tour takes you through the beautiful Barron Gorge National Park where you will see Surprise Falls and the Barron Falls Rainforest Boardwalk with plenty of spectacular views for photo opportunities. Discovery Tours Australia will even take you on a guided walk through a very private part of the rainforest. Their exclusive access permit allows them access to largely untreaded spots, so you can see Australia like few else have.

Why Choose Discovery Tours?

Discovery Tours Australia keeps their tour groups small and exclusive to give you the most personalised tour experience possible. Their guides are all experienced, accredited naturalist tour guides who will give you information about everything from Australia’s indigenous cultures to the flora, fauna, and geology of the rainforest. Plus, because their groups are so small and they have an exclusive access permit, they can take you to many spots that other tours can’t go. If you want an even more personalised tour experience, they also offer personalised tours and charters to turn the trip you’ve always dreamed of into a reality.

Half-Day Rainforest Waterfall WD40 Tours occur twice daily, with one starting at 7 AM and one starting at 1 PM. Each takes about six hours to complete, so you can get a good feel for Australia’s natural beauty without devoting a full day if you want to see other sites. For waterfall private tours in Australia, Cairns, Queensland, and North Queensland, Discovery Tours Australia has got you covered.

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