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Cape York is a popular place in Queensland, Australia to visit because it is one of the last remaining unspoiled wildernesses left on the planet. Located in the northernmost peninsula of Australia, Cape York often tops many people’s bucket lists due to its vast amount of attractions and once in a lifetime experiences.

Since it is still a wilderness, the best way to view this exotic mass of land is by booking high-quality Cape York tours out of Port Douglas or Cairns. Cape York tours in Queensland offer a firsthand glance at Cape York in safe conditions. A reputable Cape York touring service will also allow your group to customise their tour slightly, highlighting the aspects of Cape York that they are most excited to see.

What to Do and See: Cape York Tours in Australia

Cape York has hundreds of sights and experiences for tourists. Visitors can enjoy pristine, often empty beaches that have been left untouched by humans. Camping is also allowed, often around and inside of the several National Parks in Cape York. You can also view the extensive wildlife (including birdlife and sea life) and even test your fishing skills to see if you can pull in the famous barramundi that Cape York is famous for housing.

Quality Cape York tours will also bring you to some of the most reputable sights around the area while also shuttling you to various accommodations, such as dining and lodging facilities.

Book Your Cape York Tour with Discovery Tours

When booking Cape York tours out of Cairns or Port Douglas, one of the first things you will need to do is find an experienced and high rated touring company. Discovery Tours, with over twenty years of experience in the industry, can offer you premium touring services for a price that you can afford.

Discovery Tours offers small group tours throughout Cape York, with groups no larger than six people. This allows tour members to get a better, more unique, and intimate experience in the wilderness than they would in a larger group. It also ensures each group member can voice their opinions on what they are interested in doing or seeing before leaving Cape York. Since Discovery Tours has so many years of experience catering to this area of tourism, they can offer your group professional insights, knowledgeable background information, and point out some of the most talked about spots in Cape York.

If you are ready to stop dreaming about visiting Cape York and finally take the trip of a lifetime, get started today by booking your tour with Discovery Tours. You’ll receive an experienced and passionate tour guide who will help ensure you enjoy every moment of your wilderness trip. If you have questions about accommodations, group rates, or are ready to sign up for the next available tour, visit http://www.discoverytours.com.au.

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