Enjoy Cooktown and its surrounds with a Private Charter

Our Cooktown tour is a three-day affair, starting at $1550 for an adult twin share. For children ages 4 through 14 there is an option for a private package. Private Charters to Atherton Tablelands include accommodation for sleeping, eating, and everything you could ever wanted in a tour. From historical information to a four-wheel drive through the Daintree National Park.

For your convenience, we have put together a typical programme for private Charters to Cooktown and surrounds. Day One of the tour includes viewing of a plant dating back to 325 million years, and a stop at Archer Point Beach – a lighthouse on the cape which guides ships of all shapes and sizes.

Day two consists of stories and landmarks of the Australian gold rush and a stop at Captain James Cooks Museum, showcasing the area’s history. From there you go to the Lions Den for lunch, and a drink (at your own expense). This area is surrounded by mango trees that are 100 years old, and you have the chance to sign a wall like so many other tourists. After lunch is a four-wheel drive through the Daintree National Park towards Cape Tribulation with many scenic views to be remembered before being brought to your overnight accommodation.

Day three is filled with walking along the beach and a river cruise. Start the day walking along Thornton Beach and grab some beautiful photo opportunities. From here, you will board a river ferry taking you down one of the most diverse rivers in the world. Between the beach and the river ferry, you can take a look at Alexander Lookout, peering down into the very river, lower isles and a barrier reef. After lunch, there is a one-and-a-half hour walk through the Southern area of the National Park. A coastal drive back to your nightly accommodation ends the trip for the day. Why not book private Charter to Cooktown today?

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