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Cairns, just south of Cape York, is a place most people in the world hope to one-day visit. Why? This area of Queensland, Australia boasts gorgeous, untouched wilderness, including rainforests, beaches, lagoons, and more. Cairns also is known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, with a gorgeous, tropical climate and many additional attractions for visitors.

As a world-class destination for diving, snorkelling, and sailing, Cairns has become a coveted tourist spot throughout all of Australia. Nestled at the tip of Queensland, Cairns boasts beautiful sights and undersea wildlife, a thriving restaurant and bar scene, as well as historical ties to Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

Of course, for those unsure of all of the treasures Cairns has to offer, booking Cairns half day tours in Queensland is a good way to get acquainted with the area. Visitors wanting more special attention and customised touring features can even book Cairns private tours in Australia as a way to see and explore The areas that interest them.

If you have been considering booking Cairns half day tours in Australia, find out all of the options available to you with Discovery Tours.

Discovery Tours: Book Affordable Cairns Private Tours in Queensland, Australia

Discovery Tours is a highly regarded touring company offering both half day and private tours in Queensland, Australia. Discovery Tours is one of Australia’s most prominent tour companies because they offer personalised tours to fit the needs of any individual looking to get away and escape to a new place.

With over two decades of experience in the touring industry, Discovery Tours can help you best plan your trip, from individual interests to popular visitor attractions and more. Discovery Tours can also point out great places to eat, drink, or shop for those interested in fine dining and souvenirs while away.

If you are considering booking a half day or private tour in Cairns, Discovery Tours can help you completely design a tour of your own making to best suit your needs and interests. Bringing a few family members or friends? Don’t worry – Discovery Tours will plan out activities that everyone will enjoy, while assuring everyone’s favourites are included.

Discovery Tours also has a tremendous amount of experience in the industry, so they have knowledge of the most popular hangouts, highest rated sites and places to visit, and can help educate you on some of the culture and history present in Cairns during your private or half day tour.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, talk to Discovery Tours about how they can help you cross a visit to Cairns off of your bucket list and create an individualised tour that will ensure you see everything you want while away. Discovery Tours will also offer you the most competitive prices around, ensuring you get what you pay for and never overpay for basic commodities. Book your next tour now by visiting

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