Cape York Tours for small groups from Cairns

Cape York, Far North Queensland, offers one of the largest stretches of land featuring untouched wildlife in the world. For miles and miles cattle graze freely in the midst of wooded savannahs, tropical rainforests, and a host of other intriguing natural elements. Unfortunately, some man-introduced species are invading and potentially harming the area. With such natural beauties of Australia in potential danger, now more than ever it is urgent that you take the time to appreciate these elements while they last.

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to the outdoors which is why we at Discovery Tours are accredited specialists able to show you the land with enough sophisticated knowledge to fill in the gaps for you. And although we do allow fully customised tours, we have taken the time to set up a standard nine-day Cape York private tour from Cairns to Cape York, covering a wide variety of natural and historical sites along the way, all with stunning views of the Great Barrier Reef and Cape Tribulation.

Enjoy Our Pre-Planned Nine Day Cape York Private Tour in Queensland

Since the journey from Cairns to Cape York is so lengthy and we at Discovery Tours understand that seeing the same thing twice is a little repetitive, we have set up our Cape York private tour near Port Douglas to avoid this. We offer the tour two different ways.

Either you can fly up to Cape York and drive down, or you can drive up and then fly back at the end. This is strictly a matter of pacing and preference. But we understand that everyone likes to see things a little differently, so we make a point of setting up our private Cape York tours in Australia to meet the needs of any local or tourist.

Our small group tours provide many different sightseeing opportunities. The nine-day Cape York tour from Cairns stops in Cooktown, Musgrave, the Iron Range National Park, Weipa, Bramwell, Thursday Island, and Cape York. Along the way you will get to see museums, historical markers, a wide variety of natural scenery, and more!

Don’t Like the Plan We Laid Out? Create Your Own Cape York Private Tour in Australia

We like to offer our favorite places as a suggestion so tourists or Australian natives that don’t know much about what the country has to offer in terms of natural wonders don’t have to do any research prior to traveling. But if you want to map out your trip and bring it to us, we are happy to work with you on that as well.

This is one of the countless benefits of working with a small, private tour company that understands the importance of not just providing a service or product, but offering an experience. We also know that while we stuff our nine-day trip to the brim, there is way more than nine days’ worth of sights to see on the tour.

And we also know that not everyone needs a nine-day vacation. So we allow guests to schedule tours as brief as half a day and as long as their entire stay in Australia. Regardless of your travel plans, if you intend to take a Cape York Private Tour near Port Douglas, Discovery Tours is the way to keep your options open.

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