What You Can Expect from our Accommodated Cape York Tours

Cairns is the fourth-most visited city in Australia amongst international tourists and is becoming an increasingly popular hotspot for domestic travellers. Though Cairns is a large city, it still provides many people with a much-needed break from metropolises such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and it boasts several exclusive spots that offer peace and serenity. However, with so much to see here, it can be hard to make the most of your trip if you’re unfamiliar with the surroundings, which is why many people choose to take advantage of our accommodated Cape York tours.

At Discovery Tours Australia, we have years of experience showing people what’s on offer in Cairns and the immediate surrounding areas. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see while you’re here, but our eight-day accommodated Cape York tours promise to leave you stunned. Prices for the tour start at $4,950 and include all accommodation, meals, entry permits and transport fees, meaning our tours are extremely high-value when you consider what’s on offer.

The tour includes visits to mountain ranges, 4WD drives through national parks and the nearby rainforest, trips to isolate beaches that remain largely untouched (you might be lucky enough to see a sea turtle) and excursions to spots we have exclusive permits to enter – there truly is no better way to experience everything this beautiful hotspot has to offer.

If you want to know more about our six-group accommodated Cape York tours, you can download the brochure from our website. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be glad to have a chat over the phone.

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