Darwin to Cairns Small Group Tours

Are you looking to explore the Australian wilderness to experience the true beauty of the wild outdoors? There’s so much to witness and behold in the untouched areas of Australia, from rainforests and waters to the rugged outback that makes Australia so unique and unforgettable. If you’ve been dreaming of witnessing some of the most beautiful sights Australia has to offer, you might want to consider a Darwin to Cairns small group tour with Discovery Tours.

Here at Discovery Tours, we’ve been showing nature lovers the hidden gems of the Australian outback for over 20 years. We’re located in Cairns and are locally owned, so you know you’re getting the most personalised and detailed tour possible. Almost all our tours are limited to small groups to maximise on the overall experience, and they cover some of the hottest areas around Cairns.

Our Darwin to Cairns small group tours are fully accommodated and limited to groups of six people total, to ensure you get the best, most hands on touring experience possible. We’ll walk through the expansive outback, taking in the vivid colours and scenery that make Australia so magical.

Are you ready to take in all the beauty of the Australian wilderness with one of the most professional, experienced touring companies in the region? Book your Darwin to Cairns small group tour today and get ready for a truly unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

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