Where to Find Exciting Private Charters Throughout Cooktown and Beyond

When you’ve been in the same trade for decades, you pick up every tip and trick that helps you serve your clients better; with time, you simply perfect your craft. That is precisely what we’ve done at Discovery Tours Australia. Our family-owned business has provided celebrated private tours and charters …read more

Enjoy Cooktown and its surrounds with a Private Charter

Our Cooktown tour is a three-day affair, starting at $1550 for an adult twin share. For children ages 4 through 14 there is an option for a private package. Private Charters to Atherton Tablelands include accommodation for sleeping, eating, and everything you could ever wanted in a tour. From historical …read more

Dreamy Private Charters Take you to The Daintree & Cape Tribulation

Many people dream about travelling the world. Part of those dreams may be seeing Australia. In the Land Down Under, they have exotic creatures that cannot be found anywhere else. If you were lucky enough to visit, though, what would you do? Discovery Tours Australia is a perfect place to …read more

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