Travel Like a VIP with Personalised Cairns Tours

Do you like to go off the beaten path? Do you long to travel to destinations that other tourists have not seen? If you’re one of those travellers who want to have exclusive access to rarely seen destinations and go to places the locals go, book personalised Cairns tours and …read more

Experience Rich History, Adventure and Scenic Views with Private Tours to Cooktown

Rich history awaits with guided private tours to Cooktown from Discovery Tours Australia. Come and see where Captain James Cook repaired the HM Bark Endeavour for nearly seven weeks. Guided by your private tour guide, you can learn about the profound history and discoveries of the Aboriginal people and more. …read more

Enjoy Personalised Bird Watching Tours from Cairns with Discovery Tours Australia

Are you a bird watching enthusiast? Could you watch birds for hours? Do you love the colours of the Rainbow Lorikeets and the Australian Ringneck Parrots? If you can spot a Crimson Rosella from a mile away, then our bird watching tours from Cairns are for you. We can provide …read more

Looking for The Perfect Rainforest Tour for Your Conference Group from Cairns?

Have you been looking for a quality rainforest tour for your conference group from Cairns? We offer the ideal rainforest experience for your group with friendly personalised service. You can experience all the sights, sounds and highlights the rainforest has to offer with top quality accommodations. There are packages available …read more

Get the Ultimate Savannah Way Experience with Our Cairns to Darwin Small Group Tour

Enjoy eight amazing days on this top-notch tour for explorers with our Cairns to Darwin small group tour. In a group no larger than six people, see all the Australian outback has to offer. This comprehensive package from Discovery Australia Tours includes all accommodations, meals, transfers and activities. Leave the …read more

Darwin to Cairns Small Group Tours

Are you looking to explore the Australian wilderness to experience the true beauty of the wild outdoors? There’s so much to witness and behold in the untouched areas of Australia, from rainforests and waters to the rugged outback that makes Australia so unique and unforgettable. If you’ve been dreaming of …read more

Darwin to Cairns Small Group Tour

Do you want to experience private Cairns Tablelands Tours from the best touring company in the Cairns region? Anyone who has ever experienced the wonder of the Australian wilderness firsthand can tell you that it’s a completely unforgettable and rewarding experience. Everyone who loves nature, gorgeous landscapes and amazing wildlife …read more

Small group Private Paronella Park Tour Available with Discovery Tours

Looking for your next adventure? Experience some of Australia’s most incredible Scenery with Discovery Tours. Do you love exploring the wilderness of Australia? Have you been itching to see some of the country’s most gorgeous sights up close for the first time? From scenic sightseeing to birdwatching, areas around Cairns …read more

Customised Tours Provide Unforgettable Experiences of Cairns

Do you want to plan your own unique tour in Queensland, Australia? Scenic tours have a lot of appeal, but not every tour delivers the unforgettable experience you are craving. Many tour companies provide excellent services, but they mostly offer large group tours that can impact your overall satisfaction. No …read more

Private Charters to Paronella Park Tailored to You

When you’ve been in the same trade for decades, you pick up every tip and trick that helps you serve your clients better; with time, you simply perfect your craft. That is precisely what we’ve done at Discovery Tours Australia. Our family-owned business has provided celebrated private tours and charters …read more

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